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custody of a child
Good morning! I need an advice, Please help me if you can. I am a citizen of  Uzbekistan, i left my ex-husband Cypriot because he scoffed(he is Syrian Arab in origin, but has Cyprus passport). 7 May 2013 i went to my country to visit my parents with my child with official permission of husband. But later relationship with husband became wars, i feel that is not save for me to comeback to Cyprus, ( since started war in Syria and since all his family came to us in Cyprus to live with us he became very aggressive with me and my child, his family and he always saying that am not religious as they're, they're hardliner Muslims, and for that reason always was troubles at home, it was hell for me, he beat me front of my child and his family) Later he made demand to interpol, and after he filed for divorce and we divorced.
     Now I'm in Italy, i came as a tourist and to visit my friends here, my child is with my mom in my country. But at the airport, I was arrested by interpol police, ex-husband accused of kidnapping a child and requires the return of the child to Cyprus. I am not against relation the father with child,(and all this time he always was in touch by phone and internet with me and with baby) But i and my child cannot  live in Cyprus, Help me please, what is my chance in this case?
Family law
Italia: Giardini
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