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How can I ensure that a claim against me is closed and no further claims are made?
After an auto accident, a large insurance company is after me for over $18,000. I am responsible for damages. $16,000 of it was paid out to a law firm and the passengers in the other car. The insurer stated that it was for "medical expenses." The police report notes that 1 passenger was "taken to the hospital for possible injuries". I am more than willing to pay for legitimate damages and want to make it right. I am skeptical however of the medical expenses and think that it is a case of insurance fraud. How can I ensure that these are legitimate claims and protect myself from further claims?
Insurance law
USA: Los Angeles
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    Mike Mannson
    If you have insurance, I would let your insurance handle this claim for you. If you are paying for this yourself, you should not pay any expenses before you see actual medical records and the medical bills that go with those records. Make sure the medical records are for treatment for injuries that were sustained in the auto accident. Once you have agreed on an amount you are going to pay, you should have the other parties sign a release, stating that this is the end of the claim and you owe them no further money. I would strongly suggest that you contact an attorney in your area for a consultation. If you are able to pay for medical costs, I think it would be well worth it to spend some money on an attorney as well.