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Law Journals
Aberdeen Student Law Review
  • Publisher :
    University of Aberdeen
  • Editors :
    Colin Mackie, Caroline Hood, Emma Fraser, Douglas Mackillop, Philip Glover, Fraser Matheson, Luke Burgess-Shannon
  • Address :
    University of Aberdeen Taylor Building Dunbar Street Old Aberdeen AB24 3UB
  • Phone :
  • ISSN :
    2045-7359, 2045-7340
  • Website :

The idea to establish a student law review at the University of Aberdeen was first discussed by two students on a cold winter’s night in January 2010. The scene of this discussion was a place most suited to intellectual debate: a public house on Union Street. The following day, this half-formed idea was proposed to the Head of the Law School, Professor Margaret Ross, who gave them permission to try and make something of it. Over a period of seven months the founding Managing Editor, Dominic Scullion, and the initial Editorial Board endeavoured to ensure the project was completed. In July 2010 the inaugural issue was launched.

Aberdeen Student Law Review is founded on the belief that writing about the law is as important as reading about it or discussing it. It forces us to research more extensively and, it is hoped, to broaden our legal minds. It encourages us to think about the other sides to an argument and to pursue our own case armed with increased knowledge. It is what lawyers from this university have been doing since 1495 and it is what we hope the next generation of lawyers will continue to do.

In compiling each volume of Aberdeen Student Law Review we aim to include articles on a broad range of legal subjects. We hope that the mix of different articles will demonstrate the enormous range of subjects taught and researched at our ancient university. We thank all of those who submit their work for consideration, and all who continue to write for our journal. To our successful contributors we offer many congratulations. To those whose work has not been included in our issues to date we offer our thanks, and hope that you will continue to pursue academic writing.

A very large number of people assist us in managing this review, and their help is invaluable. Our thanks are extended to the staff of Aberdeen Law School for their continuing assistance in making this publication possible. We are also indebted to our peer reviewers, who must remain anonymous.