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Law Journals
Phoenix Law Review
  • Publisher :
    Phoenix School of Law
  • Editors :
    Jason Holmes, Chrystal Dickinson, Ann Marie Stevens, Joshua Nunez, Lauren Hamblin
  • Address :
    Phoenix School of Law 4041 N. Central Ave., Ste. 100 Phoenix, AZ 85012-3330
  • Website :

Phoenix Law Review is a progressive law journal organized and edited by students who compete for an invitation for membership either by earning an elite ranking within their respective class or by succeeding in a write-on competition. The mission for Phoenix Law Review is to provide a forum for practical and academic engagement in which scholars, practitioners, judges and students address substantial legal issues.

Membership on Phoenix Law Review is a distinct honor. It is the most prestigious intellectual marker available to rising attorneys at Phoenix School of Law, and one that distinguishes them in the career market after graduation. Student-members refine crucial skills applicable to any area of practice, including legal analysis, research, and citation, and their placement becomes a vehicle to make meaningful contacts in numerous legal communities. Thus, membership on Phoenix Law Review is a permanent accomplishment sure to accord distinction for students at every stage of their forthcoming careers.