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Law Journals
Adelaide Law Review
  • Publisher :
    Adelaide Law School
  • Editors :
    J. R. Crawford, W. R. Cornish, M. J. Detmold, J. J. Doyle, R. Graycar, John V. Orth, I. Shearer
  • Address :
    Adelaide Law Review Law School The University of Adelaide South Australia 5005
  • Phone :
    +61 8 8303 5063
  • ISSN :
  • Website :

Established in 1960, the Adelaide Law Review (ALR) is one of the oldest and most prestigious law reviews in Australia. Throughout its fifty year history, the ALR has published the research of the foremost national and international legal scholars. Submissions to the ALR receive independent, anonymous peer review prior to acceptance. Moreover, since 2009, the ALR has undertaken structural changes to improve upon its quality.

The ALR is published twice a year and is managed by an Editorial Board comprising Editors in Chief who are faculty members of the Adelaide Law School and student editors selected on the basis of academic excellence in the Adelaide Law School.

The ALR publishes articles, case notes, book reviews, review essays, and comment pieces on all areas of law. The ALR also regularly publishes special issues devoted to particular aspects of law. In 2009-2010, such special issues included law and religion, the 150th anniversary of the Torrens Title system, and the 125th anniversary of the Adelaide Law School.

Submissions are accepted at any time throughout the year.