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Law Journals
American Journal of Comparative Law
  • Publisher :
    American Society of Comparative Law
  • Editors :
    Mathias W. Reimann, George Bermann, Hannah L. Buxbaum, Nora V. Demleitner
  • Address :
    University of Michigan Law School 625 S. State St., Room 831 LR Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1215
  • Phone :
    +1 734-763-6331
  • ISSN :
  • Website :

The American Journal of Comparative Law is a scholarly quarterly journal devoted to comparative law, comparing the laws of one or more nations with those of another or discussing one jurisdiction's law in order for the reader to understand how it might differ from that of the United States or another country. It publishes features articles contributed by major scholars and comments by law student writers.

The American Society of Comparative Law, Inc. (ASCL), formerly the American Association for the Comparative Study of Law, Inc., is an organization of institutional and individual members devoted to study, research, and write on foreign and comparative law as well as private international law. Its purposes, as set forth in 1951 in its original certificate of incorporation, are "to promote the comparative study of law and the understanding of foreign legal systems; to establish, maintain and publish without a profit a comparative law journal; and to provide for research and the publication without profit of writings, books, papers and pamphlets relating to comparative, foreign or private international law." A nonprofit corporation, the ASCL is prepared to receive gifts for any of its purposes, including support of The American Journal of Comparative Law.